After his second meeting with the Palestinian Prime Minster Ismail
Haniyya, from the Hamas party, Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas,
said on Monday that the efforts to form a national unity government
have succeeded.

Abbas stated that the political agenda of the new government was determined adding that the talks will be concentrated in the coming few days on forming the national unity document.

The unity government, Abbas said, depends on the National Reconciliation Document. The meeting between Abbas and Haniyya took place in the Presidential Headquarters in Gaza.

“In the coming few days, we will start the process of forming the new government”, Abbas said in the interview with the Palestinian TV and the Palestinian News Agency, WAFA, “We concluded the talks on the political agenda”.

Also, Abbas called on the Palestinians to support the outcome of the talks, and called on government employees to end their open-ended strike after not being paid their full salaries in several months.

Nabil Abu Rodina, a spokesperson for the Palestinian President, said that the current government will be dissolved within 48 hours, after that the new national unity government will appointed.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Haniyya said that the agreement was expected adding that the national unity government will protect the interests of the Palestinian people and works in order to achieve an independent state.

He also called on government employees to end their strike, and resume their duties.  

Hamas media spokesperson, Sami Abu Zuhri, said that the talks on forming the national unity government have succeeded and that the political agenda has been prepared.

“Talks will continue to finalize every single detail”, Abu Zuhri stated, “Now the government will submit its resignation, in order to pave the way for the formation of the new national unity government”.   

Yahia Mousa, one of the Hamas legislators, said that Hamas will head the new government since its enjoys a parliamentary majority, and that there are no disagreements on this issue.

Mousa described the talks as positive and that further related meetings will be held in order to finalize all of the details of the formation of the new government.    

Meanwhile, Haniyya said that Hamas have nominated him to lead any national unity government, and added that he hopes that this will lead to lifting the siege imposed on it.