Israeli troops invaded on Tuesday the village of Kafer Ni'ma, near the
West Bank city of Ramallah, took five residents and two female
university students, after breaking into several houses and searching

Local sources in the village reported that soldiers broke into the houses of Effat Fakhri Khalifa, 21, a student at the Al Quds Open University, and Tahreer Jamil Thiab, 22, and took them to an unknown destination. Effat is the sister of Riyadh Fakhri Khalifa who was assassinated by Israeli troops last year. 

Also, Israeli troops broke into dozens of homes in the village, especially in the Old Neighborhood conducted military searches of homes and took five residents prisoners. The invasion was first carried out on Monday. 

The five detainees were identified as Hikmat Hanani, 35, Suleiman Mahmoud Abu Aadi, 38, and his brother Mazin, 37, Samid Dar Nassr, 17, and Fa'eq Hasan Abu Aadi, 35.

Suleiman Abu Aadi is the father of Moath who was killed in an explosion on Monday, the nature of the explosion remained unknown.

The army is still operating the village while soldiers are breaking into more homes and searching them, the village remain sealed and surrounded from all directions.