Israeli sources reported that the Israeli Army Northern Command Chief,
Major-General Udi Adam, requested the Israeli Army Chief of Staff, Dan
Halutz, to relief him from his duties; Halutz agreed.

Senior Israeli army officers agreed to find a replacement for Adam as soon as possible. Israeli Ynetnews reported that Adam was sent in during war to command a ground offensive.

Halutz and Adam met on Wednesday and agreed that the new replacement should be found as soon as possible, the Ynetnews added.

Adam filed several complaints during the war between Israel and Hezbollah fighters. He was replaced during wartime after it became clear that the Israeli aerial offensive has failed in fully “halting Hezbollah's attacks”, Israeli security sources reported.

After the replacement of Adam, Halutz appointed his deputy, Major-General Moshe Kaplisnky and the later took over the ground offensive in the north.

The Ynetnews added that after Kaplinsky was appointed, Adam was pushed aside and declared that he intends to consider his future moves after the war.

Also, Adam expressed on several occasions his discomfort regarding the conducts of Halutz and the general staff during the war. He also complained about “the lack of support given to him during the war”.

Senior army official said that the resignation of Adam was delayed until the war was over.

The Ynetnews also reported that officials close to Halutz said that Adam did not speak of his intentions during a meeting between him and Halutz two weeks ago.

They also stated that Adam failed to inform Israel's Defense Minister, Amir Peretz, of his decision before the media was informed.

Adam will be replaced within a few weeks, one of the main candidates to replace him is  Major-General Gadi Eisnkot, head of the Operational Directorate.

Another major-general who was mentioned as a possible replacement for Adam is Gadi Shamni, Olmert's military secretary.

Benjamin Ben-ELiezer, Israel's National Infrastructure Minister called on Halutz to “take responsibility” for the war actions, and saluted Adam to resigning over the failures of the Israeli army, during the 34-day war.