The city of Bethlehem was closed Wednesday afternoon, with a general strike declared by all shops and businesses to mourn the death of 13-year old Mohammad Ali Showria,shot in the chest yesterday during an Israeli invasion of Bethlehem.


Crowds filled Bethlehem’s streets after noon prayers Wednesday. All
were walking with the body of 13 year old . The
funeral procession walked from Hussein Government Hospital to his
father’s village eight kilometers away.

Residents and officials from the city and village joined the procession as it moved slowly in the afternoon sun to the eastern village’s cemetery.

Mourners flew Palestinian flags and raised posters of the child made quickly to honor his death. Others called out that the Palestinian people would “not succumb to the Israeli war machine and occupation.”

During his burial many people spoke in memory of Showria and against “the new Israeli crime committed in Bethlehem that targeted women and children without any mercy.”

Speakers stressed that Israel and “the war machine will only reap failure from its repression in the face of the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and our adherence to practicing our legitimate rights.”

Throughout the day Bethlehem City and surrounding villages conducted a commercial strike in memory of the slain child. The nine people injured in yesterday’s six-hour invasion are still hospitalized, and two remain in critical condition.

 Israeli military officials have issued no statement on the attack.  As Palestinians, the family of Showria have no legal right in Israeli courts to demand compensation or justice for their son's murder.