The Israeli newspaper, The Jerusalem Post, reported in its online edition
on Monday that senior Israeli army officials complained about the lack of
knowledge of Hezbollah deployments in Southern Lebanon during the war.
The Jerusalem post added that a senior officer at the Israeli army stated on Monday that “the war revealed a number of shortcomings regarding the handling of ground intelligence”.
The officer said that there was shortage of coordination between the ground forces and the aerial units. This lack of coordination resulted in weakening the ability of the Israeli Air Force which resulted in weakening their ability to aid the ground forces.
He also said that the the pilots had information that was updated in 2006, but the ground forces had intelligence information from 2000.
Talking about rescue operations, the officer stated that the air force carried 110 rescue operations, 59 of these operations were conducted in southern Lebanon and 350 soldiers were evacuated.
Moreover, the officer added that the drone launched by Hezbollah during the war was intended to strike areas in Gush Dan region.
The drone was shot down in Haifa area, the Israeli Radio reported. The officer said that 10 kilograms of explosives will ball-bearings packed inside, were found in the drone.