Two West Bank residents were killed by the Israeli army on Tuesday
morning, one of them a pregnant woman who was delayed at an army

Bushra Sultan, 27, from the Saflit region of the West Bank, died at an Israeli military checkpoint – East of Saflit – which had been closed by Israeli soldiers on Tuesday morning. Medical teams tried to revive Sultan but all attempts failed, leading to her death due to being unnecessarily held at the checkpoint.

Israeli soldiers stationed at checkpoints located all over the West Bank delay ambulances for hours as they search Palestinian vehicles. This action often leads to the death of patients in ambulances waiting to cross checkpoints.

Elsewhere Nabile Hanini, 25, from Sanour village south of the West Bank city of Jenin was shot and killed and another four taken prisoner by the Israeli army on Tuesday morning.  In the early morning hours more than 20 armored vehicles stormed the village of Sanour and surrounded the house of Mohammed Abdul Latif before showering it with live rounds, when soldiers left the area Hanini was found dead in the house, local sources said he was originally from Beit Fourik near Nablus city.

Medical sources reported that Hanini was killed due to being hit by several live rounds in the chest and head, local residents reported that soldiers had arrested Hanini before killing him.

Abdul Latif, the owner of the house, was taken along with his three sons, by Israeli troops to an unknown location.