Hanan Abu Odah, 15, from Beit Hanoun, in the north of the Gaza strip, died on
Wednesday morning of wounds she sustained last month in an Israeli attack that killed her father and brother.


Abu Odah was injured when Israeli army opened fire at her
and her family killing her father and brother Ismai'l, her younger sister
received three bullet wounds in the attack while Hannan was wounded by eight
live rounds and was moved to a hospital in Israeli for treatment were she died,
her brother Ayman reported.


Moreover on Wednesday at dawn Israeli jet fighters fired
several missiles at the house of Fatehi Jaradat leveling it to the ground.


Jaradat said that the army called him and told him leave
the house. The houses was attacked several mints after the phone call.


Israeli army sources clamed that the house is being used as
a storage place for weapons. The Israeli army is using the strategy of calling
the owners of houses before attacking them and then leveling them within
minutes of the phone call, giving the owners no time to appeal, which is
illegal under international law.