The Iz Ed-Deen Al Qassam brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic
Resistance Movement, Hamas, stated on  Saturday that it will not
“remain silent towards the attempts of insurgence by Fateh movement”.

The Ramattan News Agency reported that it received a leaflet from Hamas' armed wing accusing Fateh movement of dragging the Palestinians into civil war through its accusations against Hamas as responsible for the case of lawlessness.

The leaflet also accuses some of Fateh leader of seeking to divide the Palestinians.

"The rotten war which is being spearheaded by some security forces leaders, who have records brimful of corruptions and collaboration with the [Israeli] occupation, will not be let go scot-free," the leaflet reads.

Some Fateh leaders and security forces heads loyal to Fateh movement accused Hamas with last week's assassination of intelligence chief, Jad Tayeh,
Tayeh was ambushed and killed along with four of his bodyguards and aides when gunmen opened fire at his vehicle in Al Shaty' refugee camp, near Gaza City.

Hamas slammed the assassination, the Hamas-run Ministry of Interior initiated a probe into the attack.

Palestinian Minister of Interior, Sa'id Siyam, said that the investigations revealed the identity of the attackers, and accused a “well-known Palestinian security force” of involvement in the attack.
The Al Qassam brigades said it its leaflet that “the campaign of accusations and defamations against it” aim mainly to divide the Palestinian society and the political system.
The brigades vowed to open “the files of corruption and treason”.