In the West Bank, Israeli troops wounded six Palestinian citizens at dawn Sunday in two separate incidents in Nablus and Jenin cities.

According to Palestinian hospital sources, four Palestinian citizens were wounded from gunshot wounds when the soldiers opened their machinegun fire at their car, which was driving along the Ramallah-Nablus route.

Two other Palestinian citizens were injured in clashes with large numbers of Israeli troops that raided the Farea refugee camp in Nablus city before daybreak Sunday.

The Israeli troops also stormed the city of Jenin and the nearby town of Tammon, west of the city, but no arrests or casualties were reported.

More Israeli restrictions were imposed on the Palestinian people to limit their movements in and out of their cities as hundreds of Palestinian citizens were seen stranded in Palestinian towns in the Jordan Valley after the soldiers closed the Tayaseer crossing point, the only exit before the area's inhabitants.