Israeli forces surrounded the Grand Mosque during evening prayers Monday in Al-Khader village, near Bethlehem, and arrested worshippers as they left the mosque.  Three were injured in the ensuing clashes. Soldiers held worshippers against stone walls and checked Id cards just after they finished evening prayers, which constituted the second day of the holy month of Ramadan.  Many villagers responded by throwing rocks and empty bottles at the soldiers, who then open fired at the group, critically injuring three young Palestinian boys. 

The injured, were immediately taken to the Beit Jala / Al Houssein
Government Hospital.  Fourteen year old Ghassan Imad Salah is in
critical condition after undergoing hours of surgery last night after
being shot in the abdomen, which splintered into his chest. Fourteen
year old Ramzi Salah Rizak was severely injured in the foot and fifteen
year old Khaled Fawas Salah sustained moderate to light injuries. 

The village of Al-Khader has been known for its non-violent resistance
to the separation wall, which is being constructed by the Israeli
government.  The course of the wall, once finished, will cut through
the village, illegally confiscating 62,000 dunums of Palestinian land. 

Sourced from PNN