Three months have passed since Palestinian resistance groups abducted
an Israeli soldier from a military post near the Gaza Strip on June 25.
Since then, Israeli soldiers abducted 800 Palestinians, including Hamas
legislators and ministers, killed 300 residents and injured more than
1000, including women and children.

Several Palestinian and international Human Rights organizations working in the occupied territories reported that most of abducted residents were taken prisoners during invasions and house attacks carried by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Most of these arrests were political and were carried out in order to pressure the Palestinians, the government and the president in order to release the captured soldier, Gilad Shalit, without any prisoner swap deal. 

The military attacks included shelling civilian houses, assassinations and invasions. 300 Palestinians including dozens of children and women, were killed and at least 1000 Palestinians, mainly civilians, were injured. Some of the injured residents suffered permanent disabilities.

Human Rights organizations in Palestine slammed the Israeli police of destruction and shelling civilian areas instead of resorting to negotiations for a prisoner swap deal.

Fighters holding Shalit demanding Israel to release all child and female detainees held in Israeli detention facilities and prisons.