Eyad Nakhla, a resident of Al Jalazun refugee camp in the West Bank
city of Ramallah, was prohibited by Israeli soldiers from visiting his
detained brother in the Nafha Israeli detention center in the Negev on

Nakhla stated that it took him six months to receive a permit to visit his brother, who has been imprisoned by Israel for five years.  Nakhla added that the Israeli army repeatedly refused to issue him a permit to visit his brother, because Nakhla himself (like 80% of Palestinian males) had himself once been detained by Israel.

Also the mother of Nakhla can't visit her son because she does not hold a Palestinian Id, she has only an American passport.

Nakhla said that no one from the family have visited his brother since he was taken by the army five years ago, and added that the soldiers told him that his brother needed to apply for a permit from inside the jail. 
But the problem remains that the family has no way of contacting their son to tell him which family member he should request permission for – a permit that could easily take another six months to be issued by the Israeli army.