The Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem accused the Isreali Army of war crimes for targeting the main power plant in the Gaza Strip, which has left many without full electricity for the past three months.
Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported in its online edition, that it could take between eight to 14 months to
repair the power plant, which will leave residents without power for a
full year. 

Homes, businesses and public service buildings such as hospitals have
been severely affected because water supplies and sewage systems cannot
operate without electricity, which is cut off for half of the day in
many areas.

B’Tselem concluded that the bombing of the power plant on June 28th was
illegal and “defined as a war crimes in International Humanitarian Law,
as the attack was aimed at a purely civilian object.” 

The report also stated, "There was no apparent military basis for the
action and it seems that its intention was to satisfy a desire for

BT’selem called on the Israeli government to investigate the matter.