A massive Israeli force invaded the town of Qabatia, south of the West
Bank city of Jenin, took prisoner eight residents and injured another two
residents Wednesday morning.

Army vehicles and troops stormed the town from several directions and conducted a wide scale house-to-house search campaign to residents' homes in the town. Eyewitnesses said that troops open fired and fired sound bombs randomly at residents' homes and ransacked families' belongings and damaged them during the search, creating a state of panic among children.

The army took the eight detainees to unknown locations. Among those taken were Abd-Allah Khazimah, 15, Yasser Nazal, 37, Mohammed Kamiel, 25, Ziead Abu Wa'ar, 22, Ahmad Saba'nah, 25, and Yasser Abu Mu'alla, 24.

Clashes erupted between stone throwing youth and the invading troops. Soldiers showered the youth with tear gas and rubber bullets, injuring at least two youth, who were taken to a nearby hospital in Jenin city for treatment, local sources reported.