The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the media to
expose the intentions of the United States administration. The
patronage of the US to Israel is well known, but the Ministry said
Wednesday that the common blockade has taken the siege to another
level. Today’s Ministry statement read, “The United States has once
again opened its interventions in internal Palestinian relations.”

The document continued, “Their desire is to cause a devastating impact on Palestinian reality, destroying sustainability. The attempts to undermine efforts to form a unity government based on the National Accord Document are glaring.”

The United States began an immediate political and economic boycott when the Hamas party took office after being democratically elected early this year. Israel stopped paying owed taxes and both Israel and the US tried to force the Palestinian leadership to jump through more hoops.

Before Hamas, the Israelis would not deal with President Abbas. After Hamas, the Israelis would not deal with Hamas, only President Abbas. But the Israelis claimed Hamas was in the way of reaching Abbas. However Hamas invited the Israelis to deal with President Abbas; the same man the Israelis would not deal with before.

President Arafat suffered the same web, the so-called “generous offer,” to give away the land, with the Israelis dishonoring every ruling, international law and United Nations resolution against it. Yet still the Israelis are seen widely as the victims of the people they occupy.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry statement continued, “What was said by the American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on betting on internal Palestinian divisions to form a government to respond to international pressure reflects the American-Israeli conspiracy against the people and the attempts to split the national unity and the internal factions.”

The Ministry wrote, “Nothing is acceptable unless it bends to the American-Israeli will and if we do not stop this now, the Palestinian cabinet will be hand-picked by the White House in keeping with Rice’s most blunt threats yet.”