Israeli Infrastructure Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer stated on Saturday
that Israel must assassinate Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah at
any suitable opportunity “without causing casualties” among Lebanese
civilians or bystanders.

Ben-Eliezer added that Nasrallah, who tops Israel's wanted list now, is seen by many Arabs as a hero. According to Ben-Eliezer, Nasrallah fired during the recent war with Israel thousands of Katusha rockets into northern Israel.

The war erupted after Hezbollah fighters abducted two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border operation.

The statements of Ben-Eliezer came during an interview with the Israeli Army Radio. “Nasrallah is bad for the Jews”,  Ben-Eliezer said, “He is bad for the Arabs, bad for the Christians, we should not leave him alive”.

Several Israeli officials called for the assassination of Nasrallah since the July 12 attack, and the abduction of the soldiers.

At least 1200 Lebanese, the vast majority of them were civilians and children, were killed during the Israeli military offensive in Lebanon. Hezbollah gunmen killed 157 Israeli, the vast majority of them were soldiers.

Ben-Eliezer added that Hezbollah leader made a public appearance last week to address a massive crowd during a “victory rally” for the party.

“We could have assassinated him then”,  Ben-Eliezer stated, “But, thousands of people were there”.

It is worth mentioning that Israel assassinated Nasrallah's predecessor, Sheikh Abbas Musawi, in 1992; his wife and child were also killed in the attack.

Meanwhile, many Israelis believe that will carry another round of fighting with Hezbollah after its war failed to retrieve the two captured soldiers.