Palestinian, medical sources in Khan Younis city, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, reported that one Palestinian was killed and his brother was seriously injured after the Israeli air force shelled a blacksmith workshop in the Khan Younis refugee camp earlier on Tuesday at dawn.


Resident Naji Khaled Al Bardaweel, 23, died of his wounds while his brother Mohammad suffered moderate injuries. Naji was seriously injured and died of his wounds at a Khan Younis hospital.

Palestinian security sources reported that the shelling targeted the workshop of Naji Al Jabri; the workshop totally collapsed and several surrounding houses were damaged.

The shelling also caused a power blackout in several areas in Khan Younis.

Local sources reported that an anonymous caller identifying himself as an Israeli military spokesperson informed the owner of the workshop that the army intends to shell it and that he should evacuate it immediately.

Yet, the shelling took place shortly after the phone call which did not give the residents enough time to evacuate.