Abu Ali, a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon, volunteered to remove the
unexploded Israeli cluster bombs from the farmlands in the southern

Several civilians were killed, many of them were children, when these left-over cluster bombs explode if moved.

The Lebanese Army and the United Nation International Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) have removed some 40,000 out of 500,000 bombs.

A Lebanese TV station showed Abu Ali removing the bombs said he has successfully removed and disarmed 13,000 cluster bombs so far and is determined to remove them all.

When asked about why he does not charge money for removing these bombs, Abu Ali told the TV station, “What will I do with the money if one of these bombs went off?”

Abu Ali, has become the only hope for the farmers of that region who are worried about farming their fields filled with these internationally prohibited cluster bombs Israel fired at the southern Lebanon during the war with Hezbollah, which claimed the lives of 1500 Lebanese and 157 Israelis.  In addition, over one million Lebanese were displaced from their homes as a result of the Israeli shelling.

The farmers are worried that if the winter comes, the rain may cause these bombs to be buried under ground which makes removing them almost mission impossible.