The Ofer Israeli military court sentenced on Friday two members of the
Al Qassam brigades, the armed wing of Hamas movement, to harsh terms
after indicting them of carrying attacks against Israeli targets in the
period between  2001 and 2003.

According to the court ruling, eight Israelis were killed and dozens were injured in these attacks. The court added that the attacks took place both in the occupied West Bank and inside Israel.

Detainee Murad Al Barghouthi, from Ramallah, in the northern part of the West Bank, was accused of participating in attacks against Israeli targets and was sentenced to eight life terms. His relative Jasser Al Barghouthi was sentenced to one life term and additional thirty years.

The attacks, according to the court ruling, took place in Ramallah area as well as in several areas in the West Bank.

Also, the ruling states that the two carried “hostile attacks that targeted the security of Israel, and endangered the security of its residents”.

The two, according to the ruling, are considered a threat to the security of Israel and the area they live in. They were both taken prisoner two years ago.