Two Palestinian brothers, from the Salem village, near Nablus city in the northern part of the West Bank, were brutally beaten and abused for several hours at the Huwwara military checkpoint, near Nablus.


The two brothers, Monadil and Nidal Eshtiyya, were taken prisoner on Saturday evening along with their third brother Ahmad.

They were interrogated all night long at the Huwwara military camp. On Sunday at dawn (approximately at 5), Nidal and Monadil were moved to the Huwwara checkpoint while their brother Ahmad remained in detention.
After the two were moved to the checkpoint, they were detained in a small cell; handcuffed and blindfolded.

One of them said that they remained in the cell approximately for five hours before they managed to remove blindfolds at which point two soldiers entered the cell and retied the blindfolds and began to beat the two bound, and blind-folded, brothers with their assault rifles.

Israeli online daily, Haaretz, reported that an activist from Rabbis from Human Rights, Zakariya Asade, said that the two brothers were not stand after they were beaten by the soldier, and that he called an ambulance which took the brothers to a local hospital in Nablus.

He added that he managed to take pictures of one of the soldiers who abused the brothers. He said that he intends to hand the picture to the Israeli Army command.

One of Machom Watch activists, activist Ditza Yitzhaki, was at the scene at confirmed that soldiers attacked and hit the brothers.

An Israeli army spokesperson claimed that he “was unaware of the incident”.

Also, the Rabbis for Human Rights group filed a complaint to the regional brigade commander.  Soldiers, and their commander, at the checkpoint denied the report. Meanwhile, the army said it is continuing with its probe intro the incident.