Palestinian medical sources reported that one resident was killed and
five were injured, most of them children, in an Israeli military air
strike that targeted a Palestinian vehicle in Beit Hanoun, in the
northern part of the Gaza Strip.

The Ramattan news agency reported that the Israeli air force shelled fired at least one missile at the car of Mahmoud Abu Nasser, 23, as he was driving near Al Shawwa Gas Station. The body of Abu Nasser was severely mutilated as a result of the blast.

Five residents, including children, were injured, and were transferred to Al Awda Hospital in Beit Hanoun.

An Israeli army spokesperson claimed that the killed resident is a fighter and that he was trying to lift a Qassam homemade shell launcher that was used earlier in firing homemade shells at the Israeli Negev town of Sderot.

Earlier on Monday, Palestinian security sources reported that Israeli soldiers increased their deployment around Beit Lahia. The army invaded the area two days ago, advanced for a distance of 3 kilometers and remained there.

Dozens of military armored vehicles moved into the area and joined the forces already deployed there.