More than 5,000 Evangelical Christian Zionists from different
nationalities marched in Jerusalem to voice their support to Zionism
and the state of Israel.

The event was organized by the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, which regularly organizes tours for Christian pilgrims to support Israel and Zionism.

Those who participated in the march believe that it is a religious duty to support Israel.

"After the war, we wanted even more for the people of Israel to know that we are not afraid. God wanted us to come to show them we love them," said Jan Christianson, 61, who came from New Zealand with her husband.

The pilgrims, many of them wearing t-shirts bearing the slogan "Israel, you are in our hearts," were welcomed on Sunday with a message from Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Earlier this year, the Vatican's envoy in the Holy Land and bishops from three other churches launched a rare attack on the Christian Zionist movement, accusing it of promoting "racial exclusivity and perpetual war."

"The Christian Zionist program provides a world view where the Gospel is identified with the ideology of empire, colonialism and militarism," a declaration read.

Those who joined Tuesday's march, the 27th pilgrimage of its kind, dismissed these accusations.  The embassy, which was founded in 1980, describes itself as an evangelical response to a call in the Jewish scriptures to comfort Zion.

The Embassy glorifies the Israel army and encourage Jews around the world to come and settle in Israel.