The London-based Al Hayat newspaper reported that the Hamas party is
willing to recognize peace deals signed between Israel and the
Palestinian Authority. The paper said that this position was made 
Palestinian sources in Damascus.

Al Hayat reported that Hamas would empower the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, to hold talks with Israel for a period of two years.

One of the three conditions set by the Quartet was a Hamas acceptance of the previously signed agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The two other conditions were a recognition of Israel and renouncing violence.

According to Al Hayat, the change in Hamas' position was achieve through mediation talks with the Hamas political bureau chief in Damascus, Khaled Mashal, and the Palestinian Prime Minster, Ismail Haniyya.
Al Hayat added that the new Hamas position was presented to the Qatar Foreign Minister, Ghazi Bin Hamad Al Thani during his visit to the region.

Al Thani arrived in the Gaza Strip on Monday in a bid to mediate between Hamas and Fateh parties on the establishment of a National Unity Government.