Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron constructed
an illegal settlement outpost east of Yatta village, south of the city.
The illegal construction is located south of Karmiel settlement and
contains ten settler houses.

A source at the General Committee For Land Defense said that the settlers were protected by Israeli soldiers who sealed the area barring Palestinian residents from entering it. Most of the construction activities were carried out overnight over the last period.

The Committee added that the residents who own the annexed lands did not receive any annexation orders from the Israeli army or the so-called Civil Administration Office. They were not given the chance to file for appeals against these orders in any Israeli court.

The original construction of the illegal outpost in the area started three years ago when the settlers uprooted 50 Dunams of farmlands that belong to resident Yameen Jadee' Al Hathaleen.

When the original construction started three years ago, Al Hathaleen filed several appeals to the Israeli Police and the Israeli High Court of Justice, but received no response from both sides.