Israeli military sources claimed that the Islamic Resistance Movement,
Hamas, managed to obtain dozens of Russian-made missiles that could hit
targets 4 kilometers away. The missiles, according to the Israeli
Radio, can hit and damage armored vehicles.

The sources added that the missiles have a high level of accuracy in hitting their designated targets, and that Hamas leadership in exile is attempting to develop the military capacities of Hamas movement.

The movement denied the Israeli reports and said that its fighters have Qassam homemade shells and other weapons that will be used if Israel carries further wide invasions and attacks in the Gaza Strip.

Abu Obeida, media spokesperson of the Al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, said that Palestinian resistance has the right to obtain weapons and combat tools in order to confront the invading Israeli forces.

“The Zionist enemy has all sorts of weapons, even the internationally banned ones”, Abu Obeida stated, “The Israeli army always used its weapons against innocent civilians, children and civilian infrastructures, therefore we have the right to resist it”.
Abu Obeida added that the Al Qassam fighters, and all resistance fighters in Gaza, will fight the invading forces and “will inflict huge casualties on them and their war machines”.

“If they think that it is easy to invade Gaza, or fight Hamas, they are wrong”, he added, “they will know that their plans, like a mirage, which will disappear with the first invasion they carry”.