In line with America’s policy to render Hamas ineffective, the US is
now funding alternative political groups. The US plans to spend $42
million to provide operational and strategic support to anti-Hamas
politicians and political parties in preparation for a likely recall of
Palestinian legislative elections, according to officials taking part
in the initiative.
The US will also help Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas restructure his Fatah party, which was severely beaten in January’s legislative elections as well as expand his presidential guard.

Another portion of the funds will be used to create a support system of “watchdog” groups and journalists willing to monitor the activities of the Hamas government and its counterparts.

Private schools are due to receive up to $5 million in a blatant effort to bypass the public school system and other social services the Hamas party has created and sustained.

The US views its project as an effort to promote democracy, a US-branded democracy which seems to call for the collapse of any governments not submissive to its will even if elected through democratic means as in the case of Hamas.

An official document stated: "This project supports [the] objective to create democratic alternatives to authoritarian or radical Islamist political options."

US consul general Jacob Walles emphasized that the US is not directly funding political parties.

"We are not promoting any particular party. In fact, we will work with any party as long as it is not affiliated with a terrorist organisation," Walles said.

According to Walles, the US funding plan is not new and in fact began before the January elections,  but was not advanced fast enough to counteract the internal strife and alleged corruption present in the Fatah party after years of political domination. 

Hamas has called anyone receiving the aid collaborators and views US efforts as a move to oust the Hamas-led government with the cooperation of Abbas, who has willingly accepted Washington’s help.

In reference to this issue, Fathi Hammad, a senior Hamas political leader and politician said "It is a challenge that we are aware of and we will confront it.”

Sourced from Al Jazeera