The Islamic Teachers Bloc in Tulkarem announced Tuesday that schools
will reopen after Eid Al Fitr, a Muslim holiday, ends next Saturday. The strike began in Tulkarem at the start of the school year in
September in protest of not receiving salaries since March 2006 when
the international community halted aid to Palestine.


The members of the Teachers Bloc realized that education must continue. Teachers Bloc spokesperson, Jamal Bidus, said, “The educational process in Palestine has reached a critical point and cannot continue due to the threat of loss to the future generation.”

He said that many teachers “have expressed their desire and willingness to return to the classrooms for the sake of the Palestinian people and their sense of duty, enduring the pain experienced by remaining unpaid.”

Although the issue of salaries for all public sector workers is still to be a central issue, Bidus said, “Teachers will once again prove that despite the conditions, teachers, like all of us, will remain loyal to his people and his nation.”
Sourced from PNN