Dr. Ghazi Hamad, media spokesperson of the Palestinian government
stated that Hamas might accept the formation on a unity government that
includes professionals and independent experts from all Palestinian
factions and independent figures.

The Maan News Agency reported that Hamad told its reporter in a phone interview that the coming government will include experts and professionals who are accepted on the local and international level.

Hamad added that there are several Arab countries that are trying to decrease the gap between Hamas and Fateh by presenting proposal that are being “seriously examined” by both sides.

Also, Hamad stated Egypt presented a proposal through its Intelligence chief, Omar Suleiman, during his meeting with the Hamas political bureau chief in Syria, Khaled Mahsal. 

The proposal talks about forming a government that does not include members of Hamas, but this government will be directly supervised by the Legislative Council controlled by a vast majority for Hamas.   

Hamad said that this proposal, among other proposals, is being examined by the movement.

Also, Dr, Salah Bardaweel, Hamas spokesperson at the Legislative Council, said that Egypt presented an initiative which is being discussed by Hamas and Fateh. He did not elaborate on the contents of the initiative but said that it is about forming a national unity government, and about the abducted Israeli soldier.

Regarding news about the intension of the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas to dissolve the government, Hamad said that a temporary government will be formed and will function until an agreement on a National Unity Government is reached.

Hamas added that Hamas welcomes any initiative that is coherent with the national unity document, but will not accept any initiative that “attempts to implement the American and Israeli vision to remove Hamas from power”.