In a joint press release issued on Wednesday, several armed resistance
groups demanded the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to stop
“attacking and defaming” them  in his press conferences, and to
apologize to them.

The press release was signed by Salah Ed Deen brigades, , the armed wing of  Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), the Al Aqsa brigades, the higher council, an armed wing of Fateh, and Ahmad Abu Al Rish brigades- Saif Al Islam, also an armed wing of Fateh.

The resistance groups demanded that Abbas, and other leader, to stop attacking the resistance and to stop defaming them.

The groups added that resistance is the only logical way to fight the occupation after all peace talks have failed, and peace agreements collapsed.

Also the groups stated that the Israeli army is the reason behind the suffering and the bad conditions that Palestinians are facing, and not the resistance homemade shells.

The groups continued to say that those homemade shells are considered a legitimate way of resisting the occupation, and that those shells forced the army to leave the Gaza Strip.

The resistance groups clearly stated  that they will not abandon the choice of the armed struggle in its all forms including the firing of homemade shells.

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