Omer AL Taher, 42, was killed and Sa'eid Al Kharaz, was injured in two
separate attacks by unknown gunmen in the West Bank city of Nablus
Wednesday night.


Al Taher was killed when unknown gunmen opened fire at him while leaving one of the city mosques after the evening prayers, medical sources in Rafidia hospital in Nablus stated. They added that Al Taher was hit with live rounds all over his body and died instantly.

Hamas called the attackers thugs who want to inflame infighting and that they are working for the benefit of the Israeli army. Hamas called for a general strike on Thursday in Nablus to protest the incident.

Elsewhere in Nablus, unknown gunmen opened fire at Sa'eid Al Kharaz, a student of AL Najah National University and the general secretary of its students' council.

Al Kharaz sustained light wounds and was moved to a nearby hospital in the city. The Islamic bloc in Al Najah condemned the attack and called it an attack on the students' democracy and freedom of speech.