Under the pretext of “illegal constructions”, the Israeli army plans to
level ten Palestinian homes in Faroun village, near Tulkarem, in the
norther part of the West Bank. The residents were handed military
orders and were given three days to appeal against the decision.

Local sources reported that soldiers invaded the village and photographed the constructions before handing their inhabitants military orders informing them of the decision to level the buildings.

The residents were given three days to contact the so-called Civil Administration Office controlled by the Israeli army.

Although the army claims that these houses were constructed without obtaining construction permits, the fact remains that these houses are close to the Annexation Wall is built on orchards that belong to the residents.

Local sources in the village reported that these houses were constructed dozens of years ago, and that Israel issued a similar military order in 2004 but the order was frozen after the residents, and the village council, appealed against it to the Israeli High Court of Justice.