The Israeli army reoccupied, the Rafah Border crossing in the Gaza
Strip on Wednesday at midnight, for the first time since the
implementation of the disengagement plan in 2005. 


The Rafah border crossing connects Gaza with Egypt and is the only access in and out of Gaza.  According to local sources tanks and bulldozers surrounded the crossing, taking control of it and the surrounding areas.  Since the operation began on Wednesday four civilians have been killed by the Israeli army.  

Noah Maeer, an Israeli army spokes person stated that the army operation would continue for as long as it takes to stop the resistance from smuggling rifles, explosives and anti-shield missiles into Gaza.  

The Israeli Prime Minister stated, from Moscow, that those operations which he referred to as 'the rain man', will be limited, and not on a wide scale.  He clarified that the impetus behind them is to avert stability in the Gaza strip.