Mohammad Shihada, 28 was killed in central Gaza Strip Sunday morning, Palestine News Network and medical sources reported.

Shihada, who is a member of the preventive security forces in the Gaza Strip, was shot by unknown gunmen in a drive by shooting in the main road of Al-Breij refugee camp, eyewitnesses said, however he was pronounced dead shortly after he was evacuated to a nearby Hospital.

Medical sources said that Shihada received a bullet to his chest from a short distance.

Following the incident, some gunmen arrived near the house of Shihada, who is also a leader in Fatah, and set fire in two cars that belong to operatives from Hamas.  They also opened fire at the house of one of Hamas leaders in the area.

On Saturday two members of this force, formed by the Ministry of Interior, were wounded in armed clashes erupted between them and Fatah gunmen.

These clashes come shortly after the two main rival parties, Hamas and Fatah agreed to end all forms of violence and solve their difference through dialogue.