Palestinian medical sources reported that a member of the Executive
Force, formed by Hamas, was injured on Saturday evening during clashes
between members of the force and Fateh gunmen in Al Nusseirat refugee
camp, in the central Gaza Strip.

The Ramattan news agency said that violent clashes erupted in the camp, and that Rami Nofal, was mildly injured during the clashes.

The agency added that the clashes took place when members of the Executive Force that belongs to the Ministry of Interior controlled by Hamas, attempted to disperse a protest conducted by members of the security devices who were protesting against not receiving their salaries since eight months.

Hundreds of security men and policemen protested in several areas in the Gaza Strip and demanded to receive their salaries.

The Palestinian Authority had been under strict and comprehensive siege since, headed by Israel and the United States, the Hamas party won the vast majority of the Legislative Council seats.