Some sources in the Hamas movement said Sunday that they obtained
information that a coup is in the works. The sources indicated that
their information came from Fateh members in the West Bank.

Orders were allegedly issued to Fateh leaders and members of the security forces to implement plans to overthrow the current Palestinian government, which is run by the democratically elected Hamas party.

An interim government will be formed, according to the Hamas sources who wish to remain unidentified. The new government to come out of the coup will be one with the blessing of America – Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and the European Union.

Sources in the Hamas affiliated Palestinian Center for Information said today that the information was leaked by sympathetic members of the Fateh party and that the coup is to take place on 28 September, after Eid Al Fitr. The security branches affiliated with Fateh are allegedly to be deployed in full force and take physical control of all ministries and government institutions.

Twenty-four hours after Fateh takes control of the government, if the sources prove accurate, President Abbas  is slated to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to unfreeze funds. President Abbas is allegedly discussing this new scheme with the Jordanians at present, while support has already been garnered from others. If the workers join in the take-over it is said to be because they have waited and suffered without salaries for far too long.