The German Defense Ministry reported that it is investigating an
incident in which two Israeli Air force fighter-jets fired shots and
dropped flares near a German warship patrolling the Lebanese coast.
Israeli Defense Ministry denied the report.

An Israeli Defense Ministry spokesperson, said on condition of anonymity that the two F-16 fighter-jets fired “two shots and released flares”. The flares, the spokesperson said, are used “as a defense tactic against heat seeking missiles.
Speaking with the German Defense Minister, Peretz said that Israel will not attack the German forces, and said that the reports “were completely untrue”.  
Meanwhile, an senior Israeli military spokesperson stated that the incident took place a few days ago, and that the army is investigating the report.
The German Defense Ministry reported that two Israeli warplanes and a German Navy vessel have clashes of the Lebanese coat.

The German force patrols the Lebanese coast in order to prevent weapons smuggling to Hezbollah party. The force is part of the UNIFIL peacekeeping force set-up in the area to secure the cease fire that ended 34 days of war between Hezbollah and Israel in August 14.

The German peacekeeping force assumed the command of the UN force in Lebanon ten days ago. The force includes eight ships and 1000 troops.