Sunday evening, the Israeli police and security personnel took five
Palestinians, including an Arabic resident of Israel, in Um Al Fahim
town, north of the country. The police claims that three of detainees
planned a bombing in Israel.

The police sealed Wadi Ara road until late evening hours on Sunday and surrounded a neighborhood there. The five were taken prisoner from two homes after the police and security forces conducted wide-scaled search campaign in the area.

The Arabs48 news website reported the four of the arrestees are from the West Bank.
Also, the police found the vehicle that was used by the arrestees; the car, according to the police, contained explosives that were safely detonated by explosive experts.

The police installed dozens of roadblocks in the area and searched hundreds of vehicles over scores of kilometers of a highway linking between Caesaria and Wadi Ara. The police checked the identification cards of the passengers; the traffic was jammed for six hours.

The Israeli security refused to release further details on the incident or the arrestees.

On Sunday early afternoon, the Israeli security forces received intelligence information that a bomber reached the area en route to carrying out an attack.

According to Israeli security sources, there are at least 15 warnings of possible attacks in Israel. The attacks, according to the security sources, include suicide bombings, shooting attacks, firing rockets and abductions.