Palestinian child detainees held by Israel are facing harsh and
unbearable conditions. They are subjected to living conditions that
lack the basic rights guaranteed by the International Law and the law
regarding the rights of children.

Ahmad Amran Al Sinnawi, 17, was freed on July 7, 2006, he was taken prison on March 7, 2005 after the army claimed that he is a member of Fateh movement, and charged him of attacking soldiers.

He said that the soldiers harass the under age detainees, and threaten them of rape during interrogation. The under-age detainees are also threatened of being barred from their visitation rights.

Al Sinnawi added that he was forced to undress and was kept outside, under the rain and cold weather, before he was attacked, severely beaten and chained.

He added that soldiers also tied his legs to a wooden log and repeatedly hit him on his feet and legs, and that he was badly bleeding and bruised.

“After this incident, I was sent to the interrogation room in Maali Adumin military camp, and there the beating and torture increased”, Al sinnawi said, “they tortured me without mercy, I was bleeding from my nose, head, and feet, they also threatened that they will arrest by father and brothers”.

Al Sinnawi also said that child detainees are held in room with adults imprisoned for criminal offenses, and that they are barred from continuing their education, and the basic rights guaranteed by the international law.

He called on the international Human Rights Organizations to visit the Israeli prisons and interrogation facilities to observe the harsh living condition the detainees face on daily basis.