The National Campaign for Olive harvest, supervised by the Union of
Agricultural Work Committees UAWC, France-Palestine Solidarity, and the
General Committee for Defending Lands, was kicked off on Monday morning
in Hebron District.


Despite the restrictions imposed by the settlers and the Israeli Military Forces prohibiting farmers to reach their lands, 90 volunteers and farmers including 20 foreign volunteers participated in olive picking near Asfer settlement in the town of  Sa'er near Hebron .

The campaign will be active this coming Tuesday in the village of Karmeh in Hebron which nearby Hatna'el settlement which the settlers their constantly abuse Palestinian farmers.

The Campaign for Harvesting Olives aims at providing help and support to Palestinian farmers, during the season of harvesting olives, whose lands are threatened to be confiscated or their lands happen to be near the apartheid wall.

Some Palestinian farmers were banned from reaching their lands by the settlers, however, through the help and support of UAWC staff and foreign volunteers they were able to get to their lands and continue the process of harvesting.

Ibrahim Ayyash, the project coordinator in the southern areas stated that he is not surprised from the Israeli Occupation's policies against the Palestinians, however, he stressed on the importance of supporting the Palestinian farmers' steadfastness.

It is anticipated that more foreign volunteers will arrive to support the perseverance of the Palestinian farmers. The campaign will continue in spite of all the restrictions, and violations imposed by the Israeli occupation.     

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