Israeli forces invaded the West Bank city of Tulkarem and its
refugee camp on Wednesday morning, ransacked residents' homes,
injured four residents and took three as prisoners.

Soldiers and army vehicles entered the city in the early dawn hours, then proceeded to the refugee camp, where they remained for the rest of the morning.  Soldiers attacked residents' houses, searched and ransacked them, destroying property.  During the invasion the army opened fire at people in the street, and injured  Abd Al Aziz Al Jab'e, 16, in the head, Awad Al Dush, 15, in his right leg, Wa'el Jubali, 15, in the shoulder, and Omer Ramadan in the head, medical sources reported.

Residents said that troops also took Abd Al Fatah Yousif, Mohamed Baraka, and Yousif Abu Tahoun as prisoners.  The three were taken to an unknown location after troops searched and ransacked their homes.

Troops left the city and the refugee camp after several hours, leaving behind tens of thousands of dollars of damage to several houses and cars, in addition to those injured and kidnapped by the army.