Palestinian medical sources in Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, reported that three fighters were assassinated on Wednesday at night raising the number of residents killed on Wednesday to eight; fifteen residents were killed since the army initiated its attack in Gaza on Tuesday.


The sources stated that three fighters of the Al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, and four others were injured into two separate air strikes in Sha’sha’a area, east of Jabalia.

The first attack targeted a group of resistance fighters of the Al Qassam brigades, one fighter identified as Shadi Mahmoud Al Sharif, 25, was killed.

Several minutes after the first strike, the Israeli air force carried a second strike killing two fighters and injuring three others.

In a separate incident, medical sources in the Gaza Strip reported that resident Mas’ada Hweiji, 43, who was reported dead earlier, is still alive but in serious condition.

She was injured after the army fired at hundreds of women who took off to the streets to protest against the Israeli offensive and in an attempt to rescue fighters trapped in a building surrounded by the army, in Beit Hanoun.

The latest attack raises the number of Palestinian killed since Wednesday to 15; at least eighty residents were injured, some seriously.

On Wednesday Israeli launched its “Operation Autumn Clouds” in the Gaza Strip after the Israeli cabinet decided to expand the military offensive in the Gaza Strip.
Death toll in Gaza rises to twelve
Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies, 16:23 

Palestinian medical sources in Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip reported that one resident died after he was shot by an Israeli sharp-shooter in the town. Death toll rises to twelve since Wednesday; dozens of residents were injured, some seriously. 

The resident was identified as Bassim Al Jammal, 20. The sharpshooter shot him in the head causing instant death, medical sources reported.

On Wednesday Israeli launched its “Operation Autumn Clouds” in the Gaza Strip after the Israeli cabinet decided to expand the military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

At least eighty residents, including seven members of the same family, were injured since Wednesday, some seriously.

In a separate incident, one resident of Al Shujaeyya neighborhood, east of Gaza City was shot by several rounds of live ammunition when soldiers based at th eastern borders of the Gaza Strip opened fire at several houses in the area.

Ambulances are unable to reach the area to evacuate the evacuate him; he was identified as Nadi Salim Obeid.

Moreover, one resident identified as Mohammad Abu Fool, 27, was shot and injured in the chest  also by an Israeli sharpshooter.

He was moved to Kamal Adwan Hospital in Gaza. 

 3 more residents killed in Gaza, death toll rises to 11
Ghassan Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies, 11:25 

Three Palestinian residents were killed in Beit Hannoun on Thursday morning by the Israeli army in the ongoing military operation that started on Wednesday bringing the death toll in Gaza to 11, Palestinian medical sources reported.

The sources identified the three as, Issam Abu Odeh, 29, Diab Al Bassuni, 65, and Yousif Akel, 23.  Both Odeh and Bassuni were killed by a sniper shot in the head.

Palestinian sources in a Gaza hospitals reproted that 80 residents were injured, 15 of them seriously.

Ambulance staff in Beit Hannoun reported that Randah Abu Odeh, 16, resident of Beit Hannoun was unable to get medical care due to the military operation in the town.  

Abu Odeh suffers kidny failure and needs dialysis on daily bases, however the army opebned fire at the ambulance who arrived to evacuate her to the hospital, ambulance teems added.

Israeli military spokesperson said the army will continue with the military offensive against Beit Hanoun, while Palestinian resistance groups said they will continue to fire the home-made qassam sheslls at Sderot and asked the residents of Sderot to evacuate their houses to avoid being harmed by the Qassams.

Death toll rises to eight in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday
Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies 2006-11-02 02:39

Palestinian medical and security sources in the Gaza Strip reported that the death toll rose to eight on Wednesday as the Israeli army continued its strikes in Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. Dozens of residents, including several children were injured.

On Wednesday at night, one Palestinian was killed and at least three were seriously injured after the Israeli air force shelled an area in Beit Hanoun where several residents were gathering, while under cover forces of the Israeli army attacked several residents.

The resident was identified as Mohammad Khalil Fayyad, 75, a local engineer. Eyewitnesses reported that Fayyad was shot by the under-cover forces while he was in his house.

The death of Fayyad rises the death toll in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday to eight.

Medical source in the Gaza Strip identified the casualties as; Husam Ibrahim Abu Harbeed, 18, Ahmad Sa'adat, 18, Tareq Nasser, 22, Mohammad Al Masry, Khalil Nasser Hamad, 24, Ahmad Zuheir Adwan, 21, and Mohammad Zweidi, 27. 

Zweidi was a member of the Palestinian National Security Forces, while Abu Harbeed is one of the bodyguards of the Palestinian Minister of Refugees, Atef Adwan, security sources reported.

Dozens of residents were injured during the ongoing military offensive while medical sources in Beit Hanoun said that the death toll could rise because the soldiers are blocking access to a building where an undefined number of additional injured residents are located.

The fierce clashes erupted in Beit Hanoun before dawn on Wednesday after the Israeli soldiers, supported by tanks and armoured vehicles, invaded the town. One soldier was killed during the operation.

The number of residents injured on Wednesday arrived to fifty-six, including several children and women.

At least five Palestinian houses were totally demolished by the army during the offensive.

In spite of the ongoing military offensive, Palestinian resistance factions fired several homemade shells at the Israeli Negev town of Sderot, Israeli sources reported.

At least nine homemade shells were fired at Sderot, causing damage to several constructions and one youth was reportedly injured.