Spokeswoman of the Peace Now movement in Israel, Hagit Ofran, described
the Israeli government as idiotic, and slammed the continuous killings
and offensive against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

In an Interview with the Ramattan News Agency, Ofran stated that the Israelis are harmed by any damage and “stupid acts, carried by Israel against the Palestinians. “We know that we will eventually leave”, she added.

“Settlements in the West Bank are aimed at annexing the lands; they continue to expand in the West Bank”, Ofran added.

Moreover, Ofran also said that “the Israelis are harmed by any stupid act carried by their government”.

“We know that eventually we will evacuate from the West Bank”, She added, “What the government is doing is  annexing more lands and continuing to construct and expand the settlements”.

“The Palestinians have to see the army annexing their lands, they are subjected to daily suffering on the roads, and even when they want to reach their orchards”, she stated, “It is very unfortunate that they have to go through this suffering on daily basis”.