Israeli online daily Haaretz reported that Salah Bardaweel, head of the
Hamas parliamentary bloc, said that a parliamentary agreement had been
reached between the movement and other Palestinian factions. He added
that each party will choose its technocrats in order to represent them
in the cabinet.

“Those technocrats will not be ordinary politicians”, Bardaweel added.

He also said that the number of ministers of each factions will be based on the size of the factions, and that a group will be formed to approve the suitability of the candidates; this group will be formed by all factions.

“The Prime Minister will be selected by Hamas since enjoys a vast parliamentarian majority”, Bardaweel added, “Abbas does not oppose this agreement”.

Also, Bardaweel stated that there is an understanding between the factions that the next prime minister will not be a member of the senior leadership of Hamas movement.

Palestinian sources informed Haaretz that Fateh and Hamas are discussing the possibility of appointing a figure to be Prime Minister, but this figure is identified by Hamas but not an official member.

Haaretz added that the name of Samir Abu Aisha was suggested to hold the position.

Mustafa Barghouthi, a Palestinian member of parliament from the Mobadara (Palestinian National Initiative), is currently mediating between the Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya from the Hamas party, and president Mahmoud Abbas.