Israeli soldiers broke into the Bethlehem Governmental hospital, in the
West Bank city of Beit Jala, Bethlehem District,  abducted a wounded
resident and a nurse, Palestinian medical sources reported.

Dr. Issa Ja'nina, head of the hospital, said that dozens of soldiers broke into the hospital and abducted Mohammad Ismail Obeyyat, who was injured by an Israeli sharpshooter in a military invasion carried by the army earlier on Friday morning.

Obeyyat underwent surgery on Friday after being hit by a round of live ammunition in his abdomen after the army invaded Al Saf street in the city.

Also, troops abducted Salah Al Lahham, a nurse working at the hospital.

Moreover, soldiers demolished a house that belongs to Hassan family after claiming that fighters were barricading themselves there.

Earlier, the IMEMC tried to conduct an interview with a one of the staff at the reception but the army was present and barred him from talking over phone.

Before the call ended, the nurse managed to tell the IMEMC that soldiers were barring any resident from entering or leaving the hospital, and were conducting military searches.

Five residents were injured earlier on Friday, among them one 16-year old youth who was seriously injured from a close range by Israeli military fire, and 12-year old child.