Dr. Muawiya Hassanen, head of the Emergency Unit at the Palestinian
Ministry of Health reported that at least 39 Palestinians were killed
and at least 150 were injured, 23 seriously, since Israel started its
military offensive dubbed “Autumn Clouds”, on Wednesday.

Dr. Hassanen added that the army invading Beit Hanoun is not allowing the ambulances and medics to transfer the casualties to hospitals or any other medical facilities.

“In many cases, the army delayed the medics and ambulances for periods that exceeded four or five hours”, Dr. Hassanen stated.

He added the several residents were killed by sharpshooters, while the rest were killed by “unconventional shells and internationally bared weapons”, and appeal international organizations to interfere in order to stop the Israeli aggression and to provide the hospitals with the needed equipment and tools.

Dr. Hassanen stated that soldiers used shells that caused internal injuries, burns the skin and in many causes causalities suffered sever wounds without any sign of shrapnels.

Dr. Hassanen also slammed the Israeli policy of targeting medics and ambulances, an act which is considered a direct violation to the international law.

The military attacks targeted civilian houses, ambulances, journalists and several public facilities. The army also uprooted farmlands, hothouses and hospitals.

Following is a list of names of residents killed in Beit Hanoun since Wednesday;

1. Fayiz Mohammad Zweidi, 24.                2. Ahmad Yousef Sa'adat, 18.
3. Husam Mohammad Abu Harbeed, 24.    4. Tareq Mustafa Nasser, 22.
5. Khalil Hamad, 18.                              6. Mohammad Saleh Al Masry, 22.
7. Ahmad Jihad Adwan, 24.                     8. Mohammad Mahmoud Fayyad, 55.
9. Diab Ahmad Al Basiony, 65.                 10. Yousef Rawhi Aqel, 23.
11. Issam Abu Odeh, 29.                        12. Hasan Salah, 23.
13. Bassim Al Jamal, 21.                         14. Mohammad Sameer Mahmoud, 18.
15. Sami Abu Sal'a, 25.                          16. Bara' Riyad Fayyad, 3.
17.Tamer Ali Hallas, 30.                          18. Imad Riyadh Mustaha, 31.
19. Mohammad Talal Farhat, 25.               20. Raja' Abu Odeh, 40.
21. An'aam Salim, 40.                            22. Ahmad Sohweil, 21.   
23. Hamza Karsoa', 17.                            24. Hamzi Ramadan Abdul Dayim, 16.
25. Mahmoud Sabdah, 23.                       26. Unidentified.
27. Unidentified.                                    28. Bassim Ashour, 22.
29. Unidentified.                                    30. Ahmad Naji.
31. Mahmoud Abu Mawwad,                     32. Suleiman Adwan.   
33. Ayman Basil.                                   34. Ra'ed Yassin, 24.
35. Eyad Abu Jidian.                               36. Basil Ashour.
37. Ahmad Mansour Abu Hmeid.               38. Ahmad Shihad Al Madhoun.
39. Mustafa Habib.