Member of Knesset Dr. Dov Khenin from the Hadash party demanded the
Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, to sack Avigdor Lieberman from the
government after his recent statements against the Arab residents of
Israel, and against the leftist Jews.

Dr. Hanin said that Lieberman's statements against the Arabs and the minorities in Israel “makes us remember the antisemitic statements against the Jews during the dark phases of history”.

“Yesterday. Lieberman said that the core of the problem is the existence of Arabs in Israel”, Hanin stated, “And today he said that the biggest problem is the 'Jewish traitors' and he means the progressive leftists, which clearly shows the dangerous intentions of this  fascist”.  

Dr. Hanin also said that the Arabs will be the first victims of “Lieberman's poisons”, “But they will not be the last victims, Lieberman is a danger not only on the Arabs, but also on the whole Israeli society”.

“The Arabs are the residents of this country, no one can undermine their individual rights and residency”, Lieberman added, “The difference between Lieberman's statements two weeks ago and today, is that his statements now do not represent his personal opinion, they represent the Israeli government that fosters him”.