Palestinian sources reported on Monday at night that Palestinian
government representatives, representatives of the Teachers Union and a
representative of the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, agreed to
suspend the teachers strike on Saturday.

The Palestinian News Agency WAFA published that main points of the agreement after receiving a copy;

Following-up to last Friday's meeting at the President's office regarding the situation of the educational process in Palestine, the Vice-Premiere, the Minister of Higher Education, the Minister of Planing and the acting Minister of Finance met with delegates of the Teacher Union, headed by its secretary general, and agreed in front of Rawhi Fattouh, and several members of the Legislative Council and agreed on the following points;

1. Palestinian Ministry of Finance will pay 1000 NIS as down payment to the teachers on Tuesday.
2. The ministry will pay all of the late salaries during a period that does not exceed November, 20, 2006.
3. The strike will is suspended and the teachers will start going back to work in the period that starts on Tuesday and does not exceed Saturday.
4. The government will start rescheduling the late salaries of the teachers in January 1, 2007 on four monthly payments that will be added to their salaries.
5. The government and the president vow that the salaries will continue flowing without interruption.
6. The government vows that it will mediate with the banks in order not to fine the teachers who took loans and could not pay, and not to force them pay their loan payments of November and December.
7. The government vows not to take any measures to punish the strikers and will abide by the laws and regulations.

The agreement was signed by the Palestinian vie-Premiere and Minister of Education Dr. Nasser Ed Deen Al Sha'er, and Mr. Jamil Shihada head of the Teachers Union.

Tens of thousands of government employees went on strike in protest against unpaid salaries and the perceived failings of the Hamas-led government.

It is worth mentioning that government wages have been largely unpaid since Hamas party took office in March after the Legislative Elections. All aid provided by donor countries to the Palestinian government was cut off and Israel refused to release the Tax revenues it collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority.