The Israeli army invaded the northern West Bank
city of Nablus and the southern West Bank city
of Bethlehem
Tuesday at dawn, fired rounds of live ammunition and abducted twenty-two
residents in the two areas.


Local sources reported that a
large number of Israeli soldiers invaded several Nablus
neighborhoods and its Al Ein refugee camp
on Tuesday at dawn and
abducted fifteen residents.

Troops deployed inside the city and broke into
several homes, including the the home of Palestinian legislator, Ahmad Al Haj Ali,
and Bassam Na'eem, the head of the Teachers' Union in the Nablus district.

Troops also invaded Al ‘Ein Refugee Camp in
Nablus and took prisoner fifteen residents.

They were identified as: Ibrahim Fawzi Abu Al
Reesh, 17, Hakeem Sa'adat Al Salhi, 26, Hussein Bassam Abu Al Reesh, 24, his
brother Hamza, 18, Mohammad Ameen Ramah, 54, Anwar Abed Al Rahman Al Shaqer,
30, his brother, 28, Ahmad Shawqee Abu Khamees, 48, his two sons Shadi , 19 and
Hamza17 and Sa'eed Sa'adat Al Salhi.

The Israeli army also invaded ‘Aida Refugee Camp located in the West Bank city of Bethlehem and abducted seven residents. Soldiers broke into several homes and searched them thoroughly before taking the seven, identified as: Imad, 40 and Baha' Hassan A'yaad, 24, Saleh, 33 and Jameel Mahmoud Jawareesh,35, Usama Yousif Abu Jadu and Raja Atta Mohamad Herz Allah, 33, to unknown location. Another resident was taken prisoner from the nearby city of Biet Jala

Soldiers also invaded several neighborhoods in the West Bank town of Dura, south of Hebron on Tuesday at dawn, and abducted two residents after breaking into the homes of Hashem Tayem Al Rujub, 49, head of the Islamic Charitable Society in the Wadi Abu Al Qamrah neighborhood, south east of the town, and Zuhier Hassen Al Hurub, 48, who works as a teacher in the center of the town.

Israeli forces broke into several other homes, including that of Muneer Abd Al Majeed Abu Ghbush, 45, who had been wanted by the Israeli army since the beginning of the Al Aqsa Intifada for his affiliation with Hamas. Soldiers searched his home but failed to arrest him.