Wednesday at dawn, under-cover forces of the Israeli army shot and
killed five Palestinians in Al Yamoun town, west of Jenin, in the
northern part of the West Bank. At least sixteen residents were taken
prisoner in the village and several surrounding areas.

An Israeli military source said that elite units operating in the village, spotted a group of gunmen and opened fire at them.

Meanwhile, local sources reported that three of the five Palestinians killed on Wednesday were in fact executed after the under-cover forces shot and injured them before they took them to a nearby house and executed them.

Dr. Eyad Samara from Al Yamoun told the IMEMC that the under-cover forces invaded the town at 2:30 at dawn, surrounded a house, where the fighters were hiding, and fired Energa bombs that cause massive fire.

The under-cover forces occupied some houses and order the residents to remain silent or be killed; the houses are overlooking at a house where the fighters usually gather, Dr. Samara stated.

“Three of them were injured in their feet, and were taken by the army to a nearby house”, Dr. Samara added,  “They were executed in cold blood at that house”.

Dr. Samara added that the soldiers barred the medics and himself from reaching the injured residents, “before the casualties were taken to a nearby house and were executed before the army evacuated from the town”.

“It was impossible for us to reach them, three of them were injured in their legs, the neighbors managed to talk to them, we could have saved their lives because their suffered mild injuries”, Dr. Samara added, “We could have gave them first aid before taking them to a hospital, but the army took them to a nearby house and killed them”.

Two residents were killed in the attack, one of them was standing on his balcony; both were shot in the head.

Palestinian medical sources in the Jenin Governmental Hospital identified the five as Taher Abahra, 29, Salim Abu Al Haija, 26, Ala' Khamaisa, 25, Mahmoud Rajeh Abu Al Hasan, 29, and Ayman Abu Suleiman, 32, all from Al Yamoun.

Meanwhile, Israeli troops broke into dozens of homes, searched them and took at three residents prisoner, soldiers claimed uncovering two automatic rifles, a gun and weapons in the houses of the three residents.

Last week, resident Ahmad Abu Hasan was hot and killed by the Israeli army in Al Yamoun during a similar invasion.

Eleven residents, including five brothers, were also taken prisoner in the village and the nearby Qabatia town and the village of Al Zababda and took several residents prisoner.

According to local sources, the following residents were taken prisoner in Al Yamoun; Ibrahim Mahmoud Nawahda, Mohammad Yousef Abu Al Haija, both members of the Al Aqsa brigades and were taken prisoner after they were shot and injured, Salim Awwad Abu Al Haija, 21, Farah Khamaisa, Ahmad Lutfi Labdi, Yasser Arafat Shahin, Mohammad Salim Tahwoosh, and addition to five brothers identified as Salah, Bashar, Mohannad, Shadi and Mojahid Abu Suleiman.

In Qabatia town, troops took prisoner three residents, including two brothers; there were identified as Bilal and Ahmad Mustafa Al Zay, and Idrees Kamil Kameel.

Also, troops abducted the Imam of Al Zababda mosque, Sheikh Taha Najih Sharqawi, after stopping him at a temporary checkpoint, and took him to an unknown destination.

– Dr. Eyad Smara was interviewed by Ghassan Bannoura – IMEMC