At least 25 Palestinians have been killed in less than one day.  20
mostly civilians were killed in Beit Hanoun in Gaza Strip and five in
Al-Yamoun near Jenin.  Most of the victims were civilians, in a
military operation called “Autumn Clouds” which followed “Summer Rains.”

In Beit Hanoun, 11 of the dead belong to the same family and the rest were their neighbors who were all killed by the Israeli shells.

Palestinians described the Beit Hanoun massacre as a war crime and declared the situation in the town catastrophic, while Israelis said we do not target civilians but mistakes happen.  This was not all; Israeli military officials said they will continue attacks against Beit Hanoun despite the massacre, saying it is aimed at stopping the home-made Qassam shells which Israel calls them “Rockets”.

The international community is silent about it.

Some Palestinian leaders, from Fatah and Hamas said Palestinians should resume the suicide attacks against Israel because it did not stop its attacks against Palestinians.

International community will condemn the call for suicide bombings, even if no bombing will take place.  They also might send an envoy to the region to warn against using the suicide bombings.

The Palestinian Government is under siege, scores of ministers and parliament members are in Israeli jails, some of their homes are bombarded, the Wall Israel is building is shrinking the West Bank into half.  All Palestine is under siege.

All the Arab countries are silent and some are mediating to release the Israeli soldier captured in Gaza Strip five months ago.

When Israel launched Summer Rains, it aimed at releasing the captured soldier.  They killed  nearly 300 Palestinians in four months.  “Autumn Clouds” killed so far 90 Palestinians in one week.

Again, the deadly attack in Beit Hanoun foils efforts to form a National Unity Government in Palestine.